Monday, July 9, 2007

Stan's the Man - Exploring Exploring - Rich Prospect Browsing

Like finding a needle in a haystack, identifying a pill on a floor is just as daunting. The visual browser that Stan's group created takes the daunting task of searching for a pill much more manageable. The generalizibility of this technology is wonderful. Imagine walking into a hardware store and asking for a bolt for my lawnmower. That would create a problem that would waste time and energy. Using this type of browser would eliminate the problem. Something about this is familiar. Perhaps the boolean technologies are lurking in the shadows. This is a definite extension of the technologies that came before it.

I wonder if making these "SuperBrowsers" is really a necessary effort? Does the benefit of having these browsers justify the amount of time it takes to develop these browsers? Who will use them on a regular basis (Devil's Advocate Question)? Does all the information out there need to be classified as a specific 'type' of information? I think the interface is COMPLEX. I, as a person who is somewhat tech savvy, got a little scared. Is Mandala Search able to be used widely? Who sets the data sets? Are the data sets able to be manipulated? Does nefarious possibilities exist by this technologies abilities? Can a Mandala Browser exist that can mine all data available on the net? "Infotopia", by ? (sorry Phil, missed the writer) will be on my read in August list.

Management of Social Capital? Don't get me started...I see the problems here as people suddenly being used as impersonal resources. We are already cattle to the worlds retail ventures, this creates a more complex and personal cattle situation. What if we are suddenly mined as specific, more personal, targets? Why advertise to 100000 people with a .01% success rate when you can identify and target 1000 people, at a lower cost, with a 10% purchase rate? Overall, I see these RPB's as a great tool. I hope it is actually a safe tool?

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