Thursday, July 12, 2007

Edna's Inspiring VC

The Video Conference with Edna Dach was a WONDERFUL experience. Not only did it inspire me to want to be a better teacher, but also a better person, better humanitarian and more involved in the education of the world. I was fascinated by the move towards making technology more accessible to the third world populations. The Nova, 100 $ Laptops and other mobile/connected technologies are very interesting to me. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET INVOLVED?

Edna Dach also made it clear to me that the role of IT Leader is valuable to a district. I see that the diversity of the role is unlike other positions. You have a chance to guide and influence the path a district takes. You have to be a leader in technology, but you can also be a leader in your actions outside the IT department. You are not limited in your actions by the confines of classroom walls. She is a great example.

Her presentation also inspired me to begin to appreciate the role I have here. We are so lucky to be in a place like Alberta. We need to not take life for granted. We have so much and expect so much more. If I were a Teacher in Congo, my expectations would be very different. I need to change my ideas of what I deserve and start to appreciate what I have. I need to start using the software I have at my disposal and stop complaining about not having the software I want. Darn you Edna…

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