Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kelly's World

The future is limitless. Kelly saw a future that was several years away. I believe its here NOW. Realistically, if you look at the advancements and the speed by which they are advancing, you cannot deny that the future is no longer creeping upon us, rather, it is about to pounce and we cannot run or hide. We need to embrace the future by opening up our minds and accepting the inevitable.

Kelly claims that openness is key to the successful transition into a world of immersion of technology. I agree. I think that rather than find ways to hold on to the old ways, lets all throw down our books and pens and embrace the laptop classroom. (I don't really feel this way!) When I am unthawed from my cryogenic sleep in the year 2300, I will be the one looking for a paperback to sit back and read in the fake sun that will be erected in the stratosphere after our sun gets blocked by the pollution.

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